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It all began in 2016…

Mike Hipple, an AAC communicator with a passion for AAC, wanted to connect with like-minded professionals with the goal of making Wisconsin a leader in AAC.

The Wisconsin AAC Network is for people with complex communication needs who use AAC, their families, and professionals. The goal of the WI AAC Network is to bring Wisconsin stakeholders together, to give everyone a voice by increasing awareness, providing information, and supporting AAC communicators and their families throughout their communication journey.

Since its inception, the WI AAC Network has continued to grow and evolve. Currently, the WI AAC Network has the following committees:  Leadership Committee, School Committee, and Parent Support, which are spearheaded by professionals and stakeholders in Assistive Technology (AT) and AAC from throughout the state of Wisconsin.  

WI AAC Network  Team

Our Mission & Goals

We’re on a mission to make Wisconsin a leader in AAC. 

Our goal is to give everyone a voice.

The leadership, education and family committees are involved in activities throughout the State where they share information and resources to advance AAC.

Each newsletter features a Wisconsin communicator/family’s AAC journey-one communicator at a time showing what is possible. 

The AAC Chat Club promotes community awareness through their involvement in fun, social activities within their communities. They demonstrate through their conversations with each other and their community that we are stronger when everybody has a voice.

Our goal is to provide education to make Wisconsin a leader in AAC.

The education committee’s Wisconsin Assistive Technology Regional Network (WATRN) established a platform to bring together school professionals interested in topics, collaboration and learning about AT/AAC. 

Our newsletter and online forum provides communicators/families with AAC resources and place to ask AAC related questions.

Our goal is to support AAC communicators, their families and the professionals that work with them. 

Our educational opportunities, newsletter and Facebook page provide support through the power of connections.

We have communicators and family members willing to reach out to mentor, answer questions for those just starting out on their journey.

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