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Fall Newsletter 2021

Welcome! Welcome to the Wisconsin AAC Network Fall 2021 newsletter and we wish you a happy AAC awareness month. In August the International Society of AAC conference was held online. I was worried that we might lose some of the magic of an international conference, but we didn’t and we ...

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Summer Newsletter 2021

Welcome to Summer 2021 The first part of the newsletter I always write about something that is about AAC or education, but today  I’m going to talk about family members, especially grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We discuss all of the time about the importance of coaching...

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Second Quarter Newsletter 2021

Welcome and happy autism month. We have known for a long time there are many many people with autism who can benefit from using AAC.  The percentage of children and adults who are AAC is getting bigger and bigger each year.  Facebook has a group for adults who have autism and use...

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First Quarter Newsletter 2021

Welcome to the Wisconsin AAC Network first quarter newsletter.  We made it through the challenging year 2020.  I can not tell you how thankful I am to be in the new year.  Parents and educators we can not thank you enough for your hard work last spring and this fall educating your...

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