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Summer 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the WI AAC Network summer newsletter by Mike Hipple. When I was a kid, we couldn’t get through a year without a terrible thing happened to our country. Between 9 11, the war in The Middle East, Virginia killing, political things, and many more events. You might think that keeping...

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Spring 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the spring 2022 newsletter of WI AAC Network(by Mike Hipple; WI AAC Network founder; https://wisconsinaacnetwork.org) For WATRN this quarter we will be discussing students transitioning from school.   I thought hey I should write about that topic for the newsletter. For most people in...

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Winter Newsletter 2022

Welcome to the first quarter of 2022 Wisconsin AAC Network newsletter. As I am writing this opening message, I am at my mom’s parents’ house. I bet you loved going to your grandparents’ house when you were younger, because you never knew what you would bring back and what memories you would...

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